With a commitment to be a bsingle point sourceb for its customers, Magnum Forge has an installation of the very best equipments for forging, machining and testing, all under one roof.

  Cutting: Capacity to saw up to Dia. 1000 mm.

  Bandsaws b 6 Nos.
High-speed Carbide Saw.

  Forging: Pneumatic Closed Die and Open Die Hammers with highest capacity of 16T Closed Die Hammer.


16.0 Ton Pneumatic Closed Die Hammer
6.5 Ton Pneumatic Closed Die Hammer
1.5 Ton Hydraulic Closed Hammer
6.0 Ton Pneumatic Open Die Hammer
2.0 Ton Pneumatic Open Die Hammer

  Heat treatment: Processes include Normalising, Annealing, Water + Synthetic (Polymer) Quenching & Tempering with capacity ofB 70,000 liters of Quenching tank and highest quenching weight ofB 5000 kgs single piece.


Batch type Double Bogie Furnace - 5MT/batch (Exclusively for Quenching)
Batch type Double Bogie Furnace - 5MT/batch (Tempering)
Batch type Bogie Furnace - 1MT/batch
Batch type Bogie Furnace - 6MT/batch (Normalising)
Continuous Rotary furnace - 500kgs/hr.





  CAD/CAM operated Die sinking facility: Capacity to machine die size up to 1500 (W) X 2200 (L) X 800 (T) mm, with weight 15 tons.

Droop & Rein - 2 Nos.
VMC b 1 No.

  Conventional Heavy Machine Shop:
Machining capacity up to 5000 kgs.

  Sanko HBM-15MT capacity
VTL - Swing Dia. 1650
5 axis CNC Machine exclusively for High Pressure Fittings
SPM for Cavity and Flow Bore Drilling

  Testing Facilities:

  Metallurgical Testing
Mechanical Testing: Tensile, ASTM Charpy,
Spectrometer and PMI Tester

  Calibration Facilities for measuring equipments.